Case Study: Branding for Nonprofit

Support Fibromyalgia Network

Support Fibromyalgia Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to advance patient and medical education, research, and advocacy for Fibromyalgia.


Client: Melissa Talwar, Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Nonprofit Director, Patient Advocate, and Educator

Project Duration: 2017 to Present

Background: The Support Fibromyalgia Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing patient and medical education, research, and advocacy for Fibromyalgia. The organization sought to differentiate itself from traditional fibromyalgia associations, aiming for empowering imagery and engaging marketing strategies.

Challenge: The primary challenge was the need for a cohesive branding strategy for the newly established nonprofit. The organization sought to break away from traditional fibromyalgia imagery, notably the widespread use of butterflies, which is perceived as overused, outdated, and ineffective.

Objective: The goal was to develop a bold, empowering brand identity that resonated with individuals affected by Fibromyalgia while also appealing to a broader audience for support and advocacy.


Brand Messaging: Developed a narrative emphasizing empowerment, community support, and proactive advocacy. The messaging was tailored to resonate with those affected by Fibromyalgia and potential supporters, focusing on strength, resilience, and the importance of research and education.

Visual Identity: Created a logo and visual elements that steer clear of traditional fibromyalgia imagery. The design incorporated vibrant colors and dynamic shapes to convey energy and positivity, symbolizing a proactive approach to managing and advocating for Fibromyalgia.

Digital Presence: Overhauled the website and social media platforms to reflect the new branding. This included user-friendly interfaces, streamlined content focused on education and resources, and consistent use of the new visual identity for cohesive online branding.

Marketing Materials: Produced various materials, such as brochures, flyers, and T-shirts, all adhering to the new brand style guide. These materials were designed to be visually striking and informative, suitable for various outreach and educational settings.

Community Engagement: Enhanced the organization's outreach through branded events, workshops, and partnerships. This included developing promotional materials for the Fibromyalgia Community Conferences and other events, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.



•  Virtual Education Tours — The new branding enabled the nonprofit to host virtual education tour events, engaging people with Fibromyalgia and overlapping autoimmune conditions.
•  National Fibromyalgia Delegates Training Program — A program was established to train advocates in effectively speaking to Congressional leaders about Fibromyalgia.
•  Fibromyalgia Community Conferences 2022 & 2023 — Successfully hosted online conferences featuring doctors, patients, and advocates worldwide. The conferences included interviews, talks, and workshops, fostering a global dialogue on Fibromyalgia.

Reflection: This project underscores the power of thoughtful branding in the nonprofit sector. By moving away from conventional imagery and embracing a bold, empowering visual identity, the Support Fibromyalgia Network has more effectively engaged its audience and advocated for change. The successful execution of the branding strategy has increased the organization's visibility and played a crucial role in its educational and advocacy efforts.


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