The Product: The Northwest CPC (Community Provider Connect) is a regional online portal for Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Southwest Washington that assists medical providers and affiliates in searching for claims, explanations of payments, eligibility and benefits, pre-authorizations, and more. Information can be accessed via a desktop computer, tablet, or internally through

Project Duration: 2014 to 2022


The Problem: This portal was not up to the current web standards, and user experience and design were dated. Because of this, providers could not get the proper information quickly, and they would immediately call the helpline. That action would cost $10-$13 per call.

The Goal: Implementing new features, State Compliance regulations and current accessibility standards were always the highest priorities for this portal.

My Role: Product Design, Information Architecture, and UI/UX Design


Responsibilities: I worked on this project to redesign, refine, and update the complete portal (including the information architecture) and improve the overall user interface and experience. I had to consider that this portal was strictly going to be used on desktop computers and tablets.

I created a 265-page PDF document built in Adobe InDesign and served as an up-to-date visual compilation for the development, business, and testing teams. This document became the blueprint of the portal, combining the brand standards, accessibility, and complete end-to-end user flow.

With this in place and a visual prototype built in inVision, I communicated my design thinking. Product owners and business leads can complete their goals and meet State requirements.


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