NIGHT OWL PRODUCTIONS, Music Entertainment 

The Product: Night Owl Productions is a music entertainment provider agency for weddings or corporate events.

Project Duration: 2018-2019

The Problem: Night Owl Productions has steady business with weddings and corporate events, but they desired to make the transition to appeal to more corporate clients and increase profitability.

The current branding they had was adequate but did not reflect their personality. The client also desired structure when it came to the presentation on their website, social media, and printed items,


 The Goal: To appeal to corporate clientele, a new brand and strategy would be needed. Complete with a brand-new logo, font pairings, and updated color schemes. This would be implemented into the existing website and social media, and marketing materials.

My Role: Branding, Logo, and Graphic Design

•  Brand Style Guide Development
•  Logo Design
•  Marketing Materials
•  Social Media Graphics Creation
•  Motion Graphics / Video Editing
•  Website Design


Initial Branding Concepts (above)


New Branding Icons developed (left) from audit and research


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