Case Study: Rebranding for Chiropractic Physician

417 Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Russ Fowler, boasting over two decades of expertise as a chiropractic physician, was looking to rebrand his 417 Sports Chiropractic business in Springfield, MO.







Client: Russ Fowler, Doctor of Chiropractic

Background: Dr. Russ Fowler is a seasoned chiropractic physician with over 20 years of experience. He has a diverse background that includes work as a rehabilitation specialist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a professional athlete.

Challenge: The primary challenge in rebranding Dr. Fowler was to create a brand identity that encapsulates his extensive experience, diverse skill set, and holistic approach to health and wellness. The brand needed to appeal to a broad audience while highlighting its unique qualifications and services.


Original logo from client


Balance analysis


Keyword research


Spine-related keywords


Brand Messaging: Emphasize Dr. Fowler's comprehensive expertise and holistic care philosophy. The messaging strategy focused on his commitment to helping patients achieve optimal health and his ability to cater to various health needs and fitness levels.

Visual Identity: Develop a logo and visual elements that reflect the medical and athletic aspects of Dr. Fowler's practice. The design incorporated elements that suggest movement and healing, using a color palette that conveys health, vitality, and trust.

Digital Presence: Revamp the website and social media to align with the new branding. This included a user-friendly website layout with clear information on services, Dr. Fowler's background, patient testimonials, and educational resources.

Marketing Materials: Create cohesive marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and informational pamphlets, that maintain the new branding aesthetics and messaging. These materials were designed to be informative and appealing, suitable for distribution in various settings, from medical offices to community events.

Community Engagement: Enhance Dr. Fowler's presence in the community through branded collaborative events, workshops, and speaking engagements. This included branded materials for presentations, seminars, and promotional items for community events.


Spine simplification


Introduction of motion


New symbol

New symbol with typography


Outcome: The rebranding succeeded, resulting in a cohesive and strong brand identity that resonates with Dr. Fowler's diverse clientele. The new branding has improved patient engagement and has positioned Dr. Fowler as a leading figure in chiropractic care and holistic health in Springfield, MO. The updated digital presence has also increased online visibility, attracting new patients and strengthening community ties.

Reflection: This project demonstrated the power of a well-thought-out brand strategy that aligns with the client's values and expertise. The success of Dr. Fowler's rebranding highlights the importance of a holistic approach to brand design, encompassing not just visual elements but also messaging, digital presence, and community engagement.


Symbol with horizontal type


Symbol with addition of color

Final branding

Final branding mixed with related images


Business cards


Signage example

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